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    Andrew Neweys Striking Photographs of Traditional Honey Hunters in Nepal

    With funding from the Austrian government, the International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) is addressing problems arising from commercialisation of honey hunting and the impact of tourism through the Himalayan Honeybees project. Coordinators of the project aim to work with traditional honey hunters to preserve their sustainable harvesting techniques. They also hope to find an effective way of regulating harvests by only licensing those with proven knowledge and experience, limiting the number of nests harvested and implementing a system of fines and punishment. The overall aim is to help communities reap financial benefit from an indigenous resource while preserving a bee species that will ensure the pollination of crops and maintenance of plant biodiversity in the long term. 

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    This is incredible! 

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  3. 水と盆栽 by Azuma Makoto

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  5. The most punchable face RETURNS

  6. Everyone follow my friend Brian! He’s a long-haired visionary.

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  7. Character Designs from Bambi by Bernard Garbutt

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    Christopher Michel

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